Safety training is characterized by one specific fact: it must not fail. Context has many years of experience of safety and security cooperation with companies and state security services in different parts of Europe. We are also a member of Finnsecurity, a Finnish security association. Our inspiring safety and security trainings help your staff see behind the safety regulations and understand their real purpose.

Information security

Information security in the workplace is generally regarded as a technical issue, and something implemented only when forced to do so. Context helps organizations provide their staff a practical perspective on information security. Our inspirational solutions help the employee experience information security not as an external and technical matter, but instead as a phenomenon that consists of one’s own choices, and, above all, as something they themselves can influence.

Work safety

Plenty of manuals and complicated regulations are published on work safety. These can, however, be rarely used to teach, and, most importantly, to motivate employees to act safely. Storytelling and emotionally affecting training solutions help your staff to adopt the true meaning of safety regulations in their own work and from the point of view of the organization.


We help your staff to understand the importance of security. Our inspirational and illustrative learning solutions are an effective tool when you want to bring out the importance of security in protecting human lives and safeguarding the operations in your organization.