Basically, the success of any organization rests on its staff’s ability to communicate with clients, partners, and other employees. Developing people’s personal approaches is, however, a difficult challenge.

In our training concepts, the users get to test their own behavioral and communication approaches in virtual situations. The simulations help the users to see the practical weaknesses and challenges of their approaches. This way the users become motivated in developing their weaknesses. In addition, practicing challenging situations in a safe environment will add to the users’ self-confidence.

Leadership skills

Leadership is full of everyday encounters with employees. Dealing with challenging situations is difficult for any manager. Our leadership trainings bring about fresh perspectives and motivate students to critically examine their own approaches.

Customer service

Exceptional customer service is built around employee motivation. Context helps organizations train customer service skills by committing the staff to the principles of great customer encounters through our inspiring solutions. Instead of being taught by the book, the employees are able to practice customer situations in a simulated environment.


Context helps companies train their sales representatives and make them the top of their profession. Successful selling starts with the ability to find the client’s need and provide a solution for that. Instead of theory-based studies, Context’s trainings make the user adopt the principles behind the theories through practical exercises and case studies.