Ari Ketola

Managing Director
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Kristian Marttinen

Production Manager
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Teemu Patala

Research and Product Development,
International Projects
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In the early 21st century, most organizational training relied on classroom teaching. Learning quality and effectiveness suffered as the training had to be organized in large groups and with cost-ineffective arrangements. Context was founded in early 2003 with a clear goal: to make learning a more effective, convenient and inspiring part of organizational development. At Context, Ari Ketola, Kristian Marttinen, and Teemu Patala joined forces to develop solutions that use innovation, technology, and passion for training to create powerful and cost-effective learning experiences.

In addition to strong technological know-how, the founders were driven by long experience and a practical vision of what makes effective training.

“It often amazes me how our concept designers and script writers succeed in interpreting the client’s wishes and needs and manage to refine them into a pedagogically impressive learning package.” - Teemu
“Every single day I get to see how our graphic designers come up with fresh layouts, one after the other, always consistent with the client’s visual identity.”– Kristian
”We probably have the best people in Finland creating world-class eLearning. I’m really proud of our whole team and our accomplishments!” - Ari

When Context’s first production started in March 2006, the company had already developed a clear approach: In addition to passion, our work is clearly driven by standardized technology that frees up resources into designing the actual learning experience.

During our years of operation we have collected a great team that works at our office in Ullanlinna, Helsinki. We have worked with excellent clients, developed more and more stimulating training solutions, and played a key role in transforming eLearning from a privilege of a selected few into an everyday tool used in all kinds of organizations.

This, however, is not enough.

Our mission is to help maintain Finland as the world’s leading expert by providing organisations with innovative and effective learning solutions and operating models.

This is what we do, every day.