Neoxen Systems and Context Learning Finland have today announced new international release of their Microsoft Azure based e-Learning Management and Content Creation platform.

”As an enterprise level service, XoomPoint has been evolving fast. More and more advanced features are introduced in a regular basis.” tells Esa Tervo, CEO at Neoxen Systems. ”This new release allows deeper integration with corporate backbone systems, simplifies secure authentication, content production and utilization of learning data for Learning Analytics. We have a multi-billion enterprise client already using these new features in their training which covers thousands of users in 30 countries worldwide.”

”There are exciting new features in content production as well. In this new release XoomPoint supports active learning paths which allow pre-defined sequenced materials or courses.” says Ari Ketola, CEO of Context Learning Finland and continues. ”Learning paths can be assigned to selected learners or groups. This brings huge possibilities to content development as we can easily create prerequisites that must be completed before accessing next content.”
New Enterprise Features

Authentication Gateway@XoomPoint Cloud

Smooth and secure authentication is a must for modern networked organizations. New Authentication Gateway@XoomPoint Cloud enables multiple organizations with different authentication mechanisms to connect directly with XoomPoint Cloud Service through a unified interface.

Reporting Center

There is a new Reporting Center with Open Data Access Interface. This allows closer integration with corporate reporting systems and other external systems. It also enables third party solutions to securely access learning data.

Course Type Identification

Learning courses can now be categorized using Course Type Identifiers. In a new course creation it is possible to choose course type, for example non-stop courses with no specific end-date, and with auto-grading. This allows to run courses where learners can enroll to generally available courses independently and assignments are automatically assigned to the new course members. Assignment grading is automatically returned to the learner. This new feature allows service tailoring with customer specific course types for special needs.

Qualification Information

Learning Assignments can now include Qualification Information for easier integration with external competence management. Qualification Information data can be linked to the data in customer HR system, such as SAP. This information is also utilized by the new Reporting Center and it is available through Open Data Access Interface.

SELECT Support Online

All the XoomPoint subscribers now receive access to online Customer Care Portal. The customers can file their support requests directly to the system, follow their progress in real time, get status reports and communicate directly with support personnel.

In addition to these major extensions there are lots of minor fixes and modifications based on customer feedback, improved online documentation, etc.

This new major release is automatically available for all XoomPoint subscribers.

About XoomPoint

In addition to Corporate LMS functionality, the new solution provides a complete business social networking and employee collaboration solution. This includes communities of practice, rich user profiles, expertise location, tag clouds, status updates, live feed views, rating/sharing content, knowledge management, blogs, webcasts, audio/video communications, and more..

This joint solution is developed in cooperation with the national Digile Digital Services program and in connection with Systemic Learning Solutions SYSTECH. The main objective has been to develop a commercial multi-platform e/m-Learning solution for corporate staff training and adult education. The new innovative offering integrates e/m-Learning platform with the next generation of cloud based content creation systems. One of the key features is to enable efficient blending of off-the-shelf e/m-learning content modules and self-produced material as well as supporting client based content creation and updating.

Further information:

Esa Tervo, CEO
Neoxen Systems
Tel. +358 (02) 3619 2883

Ari Ketola, CEO
Context Learning Finland
Tel. +358 (9) 2316 4443